Our Passion

We design, experiment, listen to, and adore tube amplifiers! After all, the vacuum tube is now considered the premiere amplifying device, and that appellation is just.


Our Goal

Our goal is to come up with revolutionary new designs, instead of the old, threadbare ones that keep popping up over and over again. There is nothing wrong with “classic” amplifiers. But there do seem to be designs everyone uses over and over again — despite their rather dubious sound quality.


Our Designs

Not content with only good sound quality, we also aim for good build quality — we want our designs to rival some of the old classics from the glory days of high-fi.


Our Content

We will be sharing discoveries we have made in our extensive experimentation — ideas that will hopefully help audiophiles and DIY’ers alike.

Eventually we aim to build and sell top-notch amplifiers, while offering the occasional free DIY project.